What is Fire Glass

The glass is an interesting element, it has bold powerful features like other modern materials but you can see nature within it like with natural stone hardscapes, the material and the quality of the production can make of break it as a feature. EPG(company name) can save you all the hassle and uncertainty of shopping for materials with ambiguous quality. We guarantee the look and feel of our materials and we go to great lengths to ensure the quality is fixed all across the board with our quality checking protocols.

Gorgeous Fire Glass for fire pitBut why buy fire glass at all? Won’t a ceramic log or stones work? Well not really, the effect of glass is unmatched when going for something spectacular and even when choosing milder options it’s still one of the most impressive features you can have in your yard or garden. It invigorates a deck or patio during the day and glimmers during the night creating a great atmosphere for pennies.

Fire glass is also the easiest way to reinvigorate some light into that old fireplace you had and avoided whipping it back in shape for years. With just 5 minutes of measuring and online shopping, you can breath new life into old existing fire features. Just measure out the tray and the height of your burner and input the measurements into our <quantity calculator> to get how much you need. Then move over to our <store> and get the selection you want in the quantity you need.

And a few days later your fire pit, fire table or fireplace will be again the start of the area surrounding it. Just like it was meant to be. Throw out that ceramic log out, nobody’s fooled by it and it looks static and cheap. Real logs with their crackle and smell can be a good option with a lot of character, but they burn dirty which is an important concern both from a maintenance point of view as well as an environmental consent. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel by a magnitude of a thousand. It literally burns cleaner than anything else.

Fire glass is a recycled material, it’s made of shattered tempered glass, that is melted and polished so it has no sharp edges. It’s heat-resistant and conducts heat better than any other fire feature. This means that a long fire pit will absorb the heat of the fire and spread it out on chilly summer evenings making the most out of even the smallest of fires, both visually trough its amazing glare and termically trough its radiant properties. It’s just the perfect backdrop for any fire feature you can want. And that’s all before we touch on its versatility and diversity.

You can see a quick rundown of the different types of fire glass but simply put there are at least 3 types of glass for any feature you might come up with and the possibilities are endless.

Fire glass’s versatility and it’s incredible value, make it a favorite among designers. You simply can’t get more visual bang any other way, like you can with a pound of fireglass.