Black Reflective Fire Glass

picture of black reflective fire glass

Black Reflective 1/4 Inch fire glass

Black fire glass is very mysterious. It has a very discreet glimmer and spills elegance and class in the environment. It’s perfect for any patio installation or for a minimalist elegance.

Besides that classy feeling, dark glass has an interesting refractive property. It fills space and absorbs environmental color and light instead of infusing color it imitates it like an imperfect chameleon. The resulting effect is almost holographic as the space gets filled with shadows and impressions of the immediate surrounding.

For an extra touch of elegance combine the Black fire glass with a dark burgundy background for the perfect update to that grandfather fireplace.

That holographic effect probably makes black fire glass the best-looking fire glass that isn’t lit by fire. It just has enough character to create an impression but it’s subtle enough that it isn’t distractive if the fire feature isn’t used to light up the scene.

Another unique ability with that very restrained glimmer is that this is the perfect understated outdoor fire for those romantic long nights on the patio under the star filled sky. The almost timid glimmer perfectly imitates the cheeky but submissive glimmer of the stars plastering over the clear night sky.

Just be sure to have a filled sky. Like high up above the city’s light pollution. Maybe in a hunting cabin up in the mountains, somewhere.

Speaking of nature. That’s also where the paradoxical nature of this glass comes into play. Because of its chameleonic properties, and it’s subtle nature it feels right at home just as much in a real life firepit surrounded by burned logs as it is in a chic minimalist patio.

In the former however it will be a touch of visual depth, contrasting the matte surfaces and gloomy textures. Here’s where the subtle nature of black fire glass comes into play. It doesn’t scream its features, just hints enough to be heard around the natural gloomy textures and mood.

Other popular colors include: Cobalt Blue, Gold, and Sky Blue fire glass.

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