Cobalt Blue Reflective Fire Glass

picture of cobalt blue reflective fire glass

Cobalt Blue Reflective 1/4 Inch fire glass

Cobalt Blue fire glass is probably the most intense color for fire glass. It’s a blast and treads the perfect balance between being a calm unhpolarising blue and being an intense touch of color that instantly brightens the coldest of spaces.

This is definitely and cold accent color. And in that role, it’s really unique because it’s intense enough to make the cold colored scene interesting, but it doesn’t conflict with it, like a ruby or even a white.

That intensity is dangerous, however. If you’re just starting out, keep it reserved to clean white and gray spaces or in proximity to water features.

In the case of the latter, you can’t do any better to transition the water feature into the fire feature than with a bed of cobalt blue fire glass.

The other scene, the white minimalist scene is, however, a lot more sensitive. The intensity and coolness scream opponents in a setting where you have pale gray or bright whites. Indeed this is cool enough to make marble a background element.

If you’re going for opulent Cote d’Azur scene. This is perfect. It has now shame and gives you the full effect even in small installation. Pound for pound it’s the most effect you can get without risking to go overboard with something that clashes to heavily with the scene.

But if your minimalism is a darker or more austere theme. You’re better suited looking for something less penetrating.

Other popular colors include Black, Sky Blue, and Gold Fire Glass.

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