Gold Fire Glass

picture of gold reflective fire glass

Gold Reflective 1/4 Inch

Gold fire glass is opulent, warm, natural, but does not pair with most gloomy natural textures and themes. It does pair well with literally anything that is subtle, understated and harmonious.

It is probably the least polarizing warm color fire glass. It’s a touch of glamor and summer depending on how grandiose the scene is. In modern settings, it will be luxurious and complement the bold features with elegance and subtlety.

In more austere environments it just warms up the scene and gives that familiar glow of a warm family fireplace.

Regardless where you use it, you will have a lot of warmth and character as gold fire glass will always radiate character and mood. But always elegantly restrained and tasteful.

For best use do not use gold fire glass as the main accent touch of a scene. It’s the complement, a radiant complement but it strains to revive a gray uninspired scene that has no alternate personality.

Other popular colors include: Colbalt Blue, Sky Blue, and Black Fire Glass.

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