Sky Blue Reflective Fire Glass

picture of sky blue reflective fire glass

Sky Blue Reflective 1/4 Inch Fire Glass

One of the most pleasant shades of fire glass you can use is Sky blue. It’s c clean shade of blue that has depth and complexity without overshadowing everything else. Even since times immemorial, it was the shade of clear skies and tranquil waters. It’s burned into our mind, as a signal for safety, tranquility, and inspiration.

It’s ideal for when you want to blend fire features into a scene dominated by water features. The pleasant unhpolarising nature of the blue hue, however, makes it very pleasant and usable for indoor features as well as an outdoor highlight.

The paler hues are ideal for simple cool accents spicing up modern interiors. The agreeable color makes it versatile and usable with any style and almost any theme. While the pale hues make it usable with older styles without creating too much tension and striking out against the rest of the scene like with bolder hues.

Being so versatile mean that it can work with a whole host of old world styles that aren’t heavily defined by its well-worn features and feel. And it has another unique selling point. Being of a cold color means that it’s in a unique place to also work with the gray European river stones that are the cornerstone of medieval themes.

But everything else, from colonial to Bauhaus and decades of americana can work with a light pale blue shade of fire glass. This means it works in almost all elements from ground covering to some white stone firepits. While also being at home in some stucco covered fireplaces.

And on the darker side, we have the dark deep blue tones, that work as an amazing counterpoint to light beige themes that need some more strength and character. This combination of character without being overbearing makes it an excellent choice to add some more character to drab minimalist gray minimalist scenes.

This is also a very light and appealing shade, ideal for new designers to experiment with and take their first steps in using colored accents. The only faux pas you can really make with this is forcing it to work with reddish Mediterranean or southwestern themes. But even that has an exception the very intricated Moroccan design language does accept some vivid elements in moderation.

The striking thing about Sky Blue is that it’s stackable, you can get less intense blues with using shallower basins of glass with a lighter colored tray.

This means it’s also able to hold it’s own in a wide variety of fire features, from the small in table pit to large outdoor ones. From underground pit to a full wall fireplace. It can pad a long side wall ambient fire or be the main light source of a large central fire bowl centerpiece.

Other popular hues include: Black, Cobalt Blue, and Gold Fire Glass.

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