Fire Pit Design Inspiration : 5 Examples For Your Yard

Fire glass is a great alternative to the typical fireplace fillers like logs or wood.  It is more attractive and can take your backyard to the next level in terms of decoration.

People are sure to be impressed by the beauty that fire glass adds to your existing fire pit.  This fire glass is environmentally friendly and comes in a variety of styles so you can choose what works best for your landscaping.  These styles vary in size and in color.

small sleek firepit for patio

Small Sleek Firepit for Patio

A small fire pit on your patio can help your guests feel more at home and relaxed as you entertain.  They are great to put a couple of patio chairs or small couches around.  They work well for intimate gatherings or for a date night in.

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This octagon firepit top gives your patio a bit of flare without being too large and in the way.  The table top is more neutral in color so it will be easy to match it to any patio design.  It has a black base that is sleek and carries into the black border on the table top.

The firepit in the middle is smaller so there is room on the table top for drinks or even a late night snack.  For a simple feel this firepit has black fire glass in the middle.  It gives the illusion of a more typical firepit while still being more attractive than having logs or wood expose on the table top.

Circle Firepit Natural Rock

Circle Firepit Natural Rock

This circle firepit has a more sleek top.  It gives off a more modern feel but it paired with a more natural rock on the bottom.  This can be a great addition to any landscape that is keeping to the more natural size of design.  It does not interrupt the flow of your landscaping and it has a beautiful and neutral coloring.

This firepit is best suited for an area that has seating surrounding the entire pit.  A patio sectional is a great choice to keep people close together.  It allows everyone to enjoy the firepit at all angles since it is round.

To match the natural rock of the firepit there is a darker fire glass used.  This amber fire glass has an earthy feel to it.  It gives off a warm color that is reminiscent of a burning wood.

Large Firepit for Large Seating Areas

Large Firepit for Large Seating Areas

A large firepit is great for anyone that likes to entertain.  It is a great centerpiece and will be easy for people to gather around for a fun evening outdoors.  Pair a large firepit with a lot of seating.  Allow people to spread out so they are not so clustered and they will still be able to enjoy the fire.

This firepit is more pleasing to the eye in terms of construction.  It is not made of a rugged rock that is reminiscent of a rock wall.  Instead the base is made from rectangle bricks that are covered by squared rock slabs to create a cohesive design.  The outer rim of this firepit is smaller to allow for a larger area for the fire glass to be placed.

The color of the base of this firepit is darker and pairs great with the amber fire glass.  The larger size of fire glass is used to help better fill the middle of the firepit since it is a larger area.  The amber fire glass is great in large quantities because it has the typical glow you expect from a warm fire.

By the Pool Large Firepit

By the Pool Large Firepit

A complete change from the more subtle uses for fire glass.  This firepit uses a variety of shapes and sizes of rock to give it a more do it yourself feel.  It appears to be handmade with care with the square and rectangle rocks placed for the circular base.  The top uses rock slabs that vary in size and shape as well.  They do not fit together perfectly but are spaced evenly to create a completed firepit top.

The inner circle of this firepit is filled with cobalt blue reflective fire glass.  It makes for a beautiful centerpiece to any landscape.  The color is surprising to anyone that has not seen fire glass before and will create an interesting talking piece for your gatherings.

This is paired with bright blue cushion and a pool not far off.  This firepit gives your yard with pool an even more luxurious feel.  It will seem like you are at  resort relaxing by the pool instead of at home entertaining.

Large Square Firepit

Large Square Firepit

Moving away from patio firepits this large firepit is more suited for a large open area of the yard.  This firepit is ideal for anyone that wants their firepit the center of attention.  It is made from a smooth sleek rock that will give your yard a more modern feel.  The shape of the firepit also moves away from the typical circle pit to a square one.

There is a large area to cover on the inner square of the firepit.  The medium black fire glass is a great choice for this firepit.  It will be easier for you to fill the firepit but still give a sleek modern look to your firepit.

Fire glass is a go to design choice for anyone looking to modernize their firepit.  Fire glass is beautiful to look at with or without fire added into the mix.  The fire glass does vary in size and shape because it is crushed to create the multiple pieces.  This allows for a more unique look in your firepit.

Depending on your specific need you can choose what size you want.  There is small fire glass that starts at ¼ of an inch and goes up to ¾ of an inch for those larger firepits.  No matter what design you have in mind you can find a color that is going to match beautifully and add a special touch to your landscape design.