White Garden Stones: 5 Rock Gardens to Love

High Polished Black decorative pebblesHaving a rock garden in your home landscape can help to break up the sea of green vegetation, or save your landscape water bill because of the drought-tolerant principles.  Rock gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can be anything that the creator wants.  The beauty of a rock garden is that it is so personal.  A great rock garden has personality and specific design choices.  Check out our article covering landscaping rocks and design ideas here

The only real requirement for a successful rock garden is rocks.  These rocks can be small as pebbles or as large as boulders.  Depending on the style and look of the garden.  Many people choose to incorporate different plants into these gardens as well.  Small plants like succulents, flowers, bushes, and even trees.  

Anything that is typically found outdoors or in a garden can be incorporated into a rock garden.  Lawn decorations, vases, pottery, and so much more.  Take a walk through the landscaping area in the local hardware store.  Ideas will spring from the shelves into the cart.  Once the designing process starts it will be hard to stop.

Executing a rock garden does take some planning.  Whether this is the first rock garden that is being added to the yard or expansion, there are a few aspects to consider.  The size of the garden is important depending on the effort being put in.  Shapes and sizes of the rocks should vary.  Choosing the right plants to add it is important to the total appeal.

The overall design of the garden and the designs in the rocks can bring out more beauty.  The final portion to consider is the location of the rock garden.  This is important depending on the scale of the project and the type of garden desired.  

Taking the time to plan out the garden is going to make the entire process much easier.  No picture or guide needs to be followed exactly, but it can be helpful to look at a few for inspiration.  Find an area, think about the amount of rock versus plants wanted or needed, and think about the overall design.  Even if it is just a few ideas on a piece of paper, it is something to refer back to.  

A great company to find the smaller rocks is Exotic Pebbles & Glass.  This company has a wide variety of items that make landscaping much easier and so beautiful.  Their decorative pebbles come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.  It is easy to select from one of their variations to add to a rock garden.

A gorgeous choice is the Snow White Pebbles.  These pebbles come in different sizes which is perfect for a design that needs a little variation.  They truly are a stunning white and can create a lot of contrast in the garden area.  They bring so much to a rock garden that there are many ideas centered around the idea of a white rock garden.  Take some inspiration from a few of these ideas.

Work Up to a Large Rock Gardens

one of the appealing rock gardens

While having a large rock garden is appealing it is not recommended to start with one.  Designing and executing a large rock garden is going to take a lot of work, dedication, and time.  There will be mistakes and eventually extreme frustration.  Starting small will help teach some technique and allow a general design to come to life.

Even if starting small means building around it to create a larger garden, eventually.  Making a long-term plan is a great way to start a rock garden.  If building any sort of long-term garden is too daunting, start in the house.  A small rock garden can be very calming in an office or the family room.

Grab a deep tray that is not going to allow rocks to spill over the side.  Then fill it with any rocks or plants that look great with the décor.  Using the smaller Snow White Pebbles in a tray with succulents can make a wonderful first rock garden.   They are also a fairly easy plant to take care of.

Placement of the succulents is completely up to the designer.  On the edges of the tray can make a bright green border.  Or along the middle like a flowing stream.  So long as there is a separation between the dirt and the rocks it is going to create a nice clean line that will show off any pattern that is chosen.

Once comfortable designing in the home it is time to bring that inspiration outside.  Start with a small patch of land and transfer the tiny garden outdoors.  Use the indoor garden as guidance for the next larger project.  Purchase larger rocks and plants to add in.

Size Matters


A rock garden that has a variety of sizes of rocks or pebbles is much more dynamic than one that does not.  It can add depth to the garden and there will be areas that plants will nestle in nicely.  If planned correctly large rocks can help frame where taller plants are growing.  Using the smaller rocks in front and allowing them to grow larger as they move back is helpful so nothing is covered up by too large of a rock.  

Even if there is only a slight variation in rock size.  If a more flat rock garden is desired used a variety of pebble sizes.  Exotic Pebbles & Glass uses different fire glass types and three main sizes for their pebbles.  The small has pebbles that are one-half inch to one inch.  Medium ranges from one inch to two inches and large is from two inches to three inches.  This gives enough impact that it can create a dynamic look.

Lining the main area with the small Snow White Pebbles and building off that base is a good way to create contrast.  The stark white is a great backdrop for a variety of colored rocks, plants, or sculptures.  Using accent colors against the while draws people’s attention as soon as they walk in the garden.

Planting the Seed


Many plants work well in a rock garden.  There is not saying that a tree cannot be the centerpiece of the garden.  Whatever brings inspiration should be used.  Some plants are more common to see in rock gardens depending on the type of garden.  

There are some rock gardens that draw inspiration from flowers off the side of the mountain.  This is a very natural looking rock garden and can be a beautiful accent to a more rustic area.  The other way people lean is a smaller rock oriented garden.  Where rocks are dominant and plants are placed in as accents.  Whichever type is chosen can help determine the type of plants used.

For a mountain inspired rock garden smaller plants are typically used.  These include some bulbs like daffodils.  These rock gardens tend to have a more carefully overgrown look to them.  Creeping plans are great to blend in the mixture of rocks and plants together.

These creeping plants will break up the hard edges of the larger rocks typically seen in this type of garden. They still allow the rock to be present and seen it is just not as rough.  Succulents are a great in between plant.  They work well with either type of rock garden.  It is so easy to slip a few succulents into those smaller places that just need a bit of green.

A more rock dominated rock garden can have a variety of plants.  Typically these plants are well maintained and pruned for a much more clean look.  The plants will be contained within a pot, or a small area of dirt.  The smaller rocks used in this style will cut a clean line where the plant ends and the rocks begin.

This design style is much more modern.  It looks like a finished landscaping project more than a romp around the hills.  Many people use this around the edges of houses, walkways, or patios.  Since there are very clean crisp lines here this style works well to accentuate that.  

This modern look for rock gardens greatly benefits from the white of the Snow White Pebbles.  Use a few of the High Polished Black Pebbles to really create a stir.  These two colors combat each other and will help to create those clean lines or borders.  Plants that can be pruned work well in this style.  Small bushes, a few small trees, or even flowers that do not have too many leaves will look pristine.  

Relax and Design Your Rock Garden

Snow White Landscape Pebbles on rock gardens

A rock garden that contains little to no plants can be a great template for designs.  These designs can be anything.  Circles, swirls, squares, and even drawings of objects.  There is no shortage of ideas to be put into a rock garden the only limitation, is execution.  The best part is that these designs can be changed.  Simply rake the rocks back into position and start again.

To create these designs it is easiest to use a wooden rake.  Depending on how large of an area is being cultivated.  If it is a smaller garden a smaller shovel may be used.  Take the time to create different patterns in the garden.  It can be relaxing to explore the many options.

This type of garden is typically referred to as a Zen garden and sometimes works best with a sand mixture with the small stones or gravel.  The small Snow White Pebbles are great for a smaller area to design in.  They give off a very clean and serene appearance and will help the designer feel relaxed.  

Location is Key

Where the rock garden is located will change how the design will take form.  A small rock garden in the middle of the yard has much more freedom that and small rock garden in the corner of the house and steps.  Size can be affected by the location and extensive design elements are harder to fit into a small rock garden.

Scope out the yard.  Look for areas that look bare.  If there are any that could use a little extra flare, brainstorm about a rock garden.  Look for areas that are trapped between any structure and sidewalks or patios.  They can be a great place to start a rock garden.

A nice rectangle cut out of the yard where the sidewalk runs along the house can look much more inviting with plants alongside it.  Lay a good later of Snow White Pebbles and make sure to hold them in with a sidewalk edge.  Find a few areas to add in a couple pops of colors with plants.  

The brighter the better.  People will love walking up to the home with bright reds, yellows, and oranges lining their way.  If flowers are not preferred any favorite plant will do.  A small bush is just as welcoming and will still brighten their day.  

A rock garden gives off so much life.  The is a lot of variation that a person can bring to a rock garden.  The choices that are available can seem overwhelming since there are so many of them.  The good news is that any rock garden can be changed.  If it is not too extensive it can be changed often until the right design is found,

Draw inspiration from pictures and guides.  Never feel obligated to follow these too closely.  Add in a little extra flare to any design.  Pops of color from flowers or from pottery can really change the look of a rock garden.  Make sure the rock garden is personalized to fit the designer and the house.  

Choose a variety of landscaping rocks, plants, and designs to really make the rock garden unique.  The Snow White Pebbles are a good choice for anyone looking to have a modern rock garden to add to their landscaping.  They are easy to use as a clean backdrop for whatever design is desired.