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6 Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard design ideas

Backyards have become more of home extensions in the recent past, which is why we felt compelled to share backyard design ideas with our fellow Exotic Pebbles and Glass following! More and more people are landscaping their backyards for increased outdoor living space to unwind with family and friends. Depending on the backyard design ideas… Read more »

Colored Landscape Glass: 5 Spectacular Examples

Landscaping glass is used to bring more color into your landscapes.  The beauty found in this glass will not fade and it will make your landscaping look like it was designed by a professional.  There are so many areas of your yard that you can use landscaping glass in.  The possibilities are endless with the… Read more »

Glass Landscape Rocks: 5 Garden Designs For Inspiration

Making your yard stand out from the crowd is a tough task. It can be hard to create something eye catching that doesn’t require a large amount of work and upkeep. That’s where glass landscape rocks can be your savior. They can be used to create unique and beautiful displays that look amazing all year… Read more »

Fire Pits: Buyer’s Guide 2017

picture of an outdoor fireglass fire pit

Fireglass is hotter than fire itself! Fireglass Fire Pits and fireplaces have sizzled this year as one of the top additions to many restaurants, hotels, commercial offices and residential homes.  Imagine sitting by the fire on a beautiful evening with your family and friends, taking in the marvelous sunset during the golden hour, or under the… Read more »

Landscaping Rocks: Ideas, Inspiration, & Garden Design Tips

  One of the basic accents used in landscaping are pebbles, an intermediary size stone, between gravel and large landscaping stones. Landscaping rocks can add texture, color or be used as an interesting background that makes most potted plants pop and stand out. Landscaping pebbles Mexican beach pebbles The dark tones with the smooth, shiny surface… Read more »