Month: March 2017

Backyard Patio Ideas – 2017 Guide

  Most of my mail is made of questions asking about backyard patio ideas, you have a small yard or garden, you maybe have a pool but you can’t get it to shine like the magazine photos. Here’s where this guide comes into play. There is a tendency to subvert expectation in good design and… Read more »

OUTDECO Privacy Panels wins “Best Outdoor Living Product of 2017” at IBS

picture of OUTDECO IBS

Exotic Pebbles and Glass, a US-based company sources some of the best decorative products from around the world. It is a proud manufacturer of modern age products perfect for adorning the lawn, patio, outdoor living rooms and gardens of its US and Canada based clients. However this blog post is written to congratulate one of… Read more »


Fire pit rings, when to use and which one? To sum up this article, always use h frame burners for your fire feature, whenever possible. Why, how and how big? Well read on and find out. Check out our full collection of fire pit accessories here. A week ago I helped a client refine his… Read more »

Outdoor Privacy Screens – 2017 Guide

  SUBTRACTIVE DESIGN I’ve been talking a lot lately about outdoor privacy screens and I think it’s about time I write a post specifically about them. I love them. I think obstructionist elements are a godsend both from a financial point of view and a design standpoint. Shop Our Outdoor Privacy Panels Here Let’s be honest,… Read more »

Eco Glass: ECO-FRIENDLY Fire Glass & Landscaping Glass 2017 Guide

At Exotic Pebbles and Glass we’re big on Eco Friendly products! This week I’m going green I’ll tell you why eco glass is more environmentally friendly than organic mulch and give you the ultimate run down on sustainable landscaping. Why you should get rid of your patio and replace it with a tree. And when you… Read more »


They are actually a lot more than just 10 outdoor fireplace designs, but most of them are variations, and 10 seemed like a better title. Patio outdoor fireplace designs The traditional outdoor fireplace is the one that warms up an outdoor terrace or patio. It is a great addition to the living space and provides a… Read more »