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Backyard Patio Ideas – 2019 Guide

  Most of my mail is made of questions asking about backyard patio ideas, you have a small yard or garden, you maybe have a pool but you can’t get it to shine like the magazine photos. Here’s where this guide comes into play. There is a tendency to subvert expectation in good design and… Read more »

6 Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard design ideas

Backyards have become more of home extensions in the recent past, which is why we felt compelled to share backyard design ideas with our fellow Exotic Pebbles and Glass following! More and more people are landscaping their backyards for increased outdoor living space to unwind with family and friends. Depending on the backyard design ideas… Read more »


  I just have to put these backyard landscape ideas down before I forget them. You see, I just got back from a fabulous soiree with some of the brightest minds in design, and I am buzzing with creativity and ideas. Take a seat, get your cup of coffee or tea close by and enjoy… Read more »


A friend told me that she couldn’t find any small backyard design ideas online. Everyone is showing off farms, yards and luxurious patios with pools, but nobody has any advice for those that barely have a herb garden, techniques for a shared yard in between flats or at least a couple of small backyard design… Read more »