Month: February 2017

Fire Pits: Buyer’s Guide 2017

picture of an outdoor fireglass fire pit

Fireglass is hotter than fire itself! Fireglass Fire Pits and fireplaces have sizzled this year as one of the top additions to many restaurants, hotels, commercial offices and residential homes.  Imagine sitting by the fire on a beautiful evening with your family and friends, taking in the marvelous sunset during the golden hour, or under the… Read more »


  I just have to put these backyard landscape ideas down before I forget them. You see, I just got back from a fabulous soiree with some of the brightest minds in design, and I am buzzing with creativity and ideas. Take a seat, get your cup of coffee or tea close by and enjoy… Read more »


A friend told me that she couldn’t find any small backyard design ideas online. Everyone is showing off farms, yards and luxurious patios with pools, but nobody has any advice for those that barely have a herb garden, techniques for a shared yard in between flats or at least a couple of small backyard design… Read more »

Gas Fire Pit Accessories – the 2017 Complete Buyer’s Guide

Shopping around for fire pit accessories is hard, it’s difficult not being inspired or wondering if the little accents that catch your eye will work with the theme of the fire pit you have at home. Add to that the almost infinite variations you can find online and the design landscape can me intimidating, to… Read more »

Introducing the 12 Pound Fire Glass Pail – Exotic Pebbles and Glass

picture of Tahiti Teal Reflective Fire Glass - 12lb. Pail - Cropped

The people have spoken and we have catered to their requests for a clear container that is perfect for filling small to moderately sized fire pits. Exotic Pebbles is proud to Introduce the new “clear-view” and “easy to carry” 12 Pound Fire Glass Pail of our industry leading Classic Fire Glass and Reflective Fire Glass to reform and modernize… Read more »