Glass Landscape Rocks: 5 Garden Designs For Inspiration

Making your yard stand out from the crowd is a tough task. It can be hard to create something eye catching that doesn’t require a large amount of work and upkeep. That’s where glass landscape rocks can be your savior. They can be used to create unique and beautiful displays that look amazing all year round, without the required water, attention, and upkeep that┬áplants and flowers need. What’s not to love?!

Here are some of our favorite backyard landscape ideas to give you some inspiration for incorporating landscaping glass rocks.

Fill a Flower Bed



Sometimes, under-filling your flower beds with a few well-chosen plants, like those shown above, can actually have a greater effect than packing them full of just anything. The issue with that, however, is it can leave you with a lot of exposed soil, and that doesn’t exactly scream “attractive”. Fill this space with glass in a color that compliments the plants for a bed which takes half the work and delivers twice the impact. This idea is also useful when planting seedlings as you can give them room to grow without compromising the aesthetic of the garden.

Create a Display



If you have a lot of space to work with, then using landscape glass to create a display or scene could work well for you. This river idea is perfect for those with a pool or a pond but it can also work for anyone just looking to inject a bit of color into a dull area of the yard. Once in place, it requires absolutely no work, just jump in the pool and admire your handy work!

Transform Existing Features

Using glass in an old feature like this is a perfect way to spruce up something that otherwise would be left to crumble. It’s a much easier way to create an eye catching centre piece than installing a fountain and should last for years. What more could you ask for?!

Fill Plant Pots


This idea is perfect for those with smaller gardens or if you’re looking to add just a small amount of color to your yard. Simply add a thin layer of glass to your favorite planters and place them throughout your garden. This is also useful if you don’t want to commit to a big project and it allows you retain flexibility with placement and the flowers used. Don’t let the indoor plants feel left out though! It looks just as great inside too!

Combine with Rocks and Pebbles


The bright color of glass landscape rocks make them the perfect thing to compliment pebbled areas of your yard. Whether it be along borders, in flower beds or as a feature by the pool, combining the glass with natural materials already in place will create something really unique and beautiful.

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